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Beverley is a self employed and completely freelance uk bookkeeper who provides a travelling bookkeeping service, visiting her clients in their places of work. By travelling to her bookkeeping clients she is able to undertake her bookkeeping duties where all of the information is. So often when a small or medium sized business works with a freelance bookkeeper they find they spend so much time and effort preparing the books for transporting to the bookkeeper / accountants office. By working from her bookkeeping clients' work places Beverley is able to take over from the order that the client left the books in last. Should there be missing information, a need to contact third parties or just a requirment to discuss how best to address a problem, Beverley is in the best place to do the job.

Beverley is fully qualified (to Pitman's Accounting Level 4 - All qualifications can be seen on her website) and is an accredited Fellow of International Assocation of Bookkeepers. A fellow of the IAB is held far more to account than a basic member. The IAB insist on appraising the status of a fellow each year, checking to see that the fellow is still studying and researching within their chosen field and also insisting that the fellow is sufficiently insured to carry out their duties.

There is plenty more information on Beverley's website -, so please feel free to come and visit.