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The connection between religion, philosophy and abstract art is as much about the individual as it is about the universal. The human mind longs to comprehend its surroundings and to be recognised for its personal creativity and individuality. Abstraction is the minds way of creating a level playing field in an organised and otherwise structured world. Without abstraction our minds are merely machines, computers with bodies hanging below them. We utilise abstract thought to exercise free expression, a tool which has made us the world's best problem solvers. Abstract thought allows us to distance ourselves from all of the pain, sorrow and bitterness that the world can throw at us. Abstract thought provides us with the strength to put ourselves second, to lift our minds from those of men into the realms of gods ... and abstract art is how we can converse in the language of the gods.

Gods and Man were not designed to live on the same plane of existence, but occasionally the two worlds can collide. In the world of mysticism it is widely accepted that God talks to mankind by using miracles, omens and angels. For mankind to make contact with God they need to create something of such purity that it can pass between the planes without contention. Images of the real world are often tarnished with pain and sorrow, things that we humans take for granted, but which would be too hard for heaven to accept. With abstract art we can show the purity in our hearts, leaving behind the existential baggage that would taint our intentions.

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As an abstract artist we represent all that is achievable in the human realm. We reach up to our creators and hold our breaths in anticipation of their happiness in our achievements. With abstract art we say "This is who we are and what we have become".

For many millennia abstract art was prevalent in the form of cave art and even in the creation of writing. Then our painting skills became finely tuned and all we wanted to show was the beauty around us. Then we found that to revel in the glory of God was no longer enough, we needed to show the glory of Man. Over time it became obvious that Mankind could be cruel, deceitful and untrustworthy. We lived in shame, because we knew that deep down in our nature we were designed for goodness. So we took our paint brushes and we painted what was in our hearts and in our minds, so that God would see that we were full of goodness and pure of thought, if not in our deeds.

Example of a framed abstract piece by Colin Hall

As time progressed we began to express ourselves abstractly using mediums other than paint. With the development of technology we widen our interests, allowing our purity to expand into new areas.

For over 20 years I have been studying both Mysticism & Daoism, using experimental abstract photography to reach inner parts which my mind has chosen to dismiss. I find that abstraction is a great way to seek the truths that are otherwise difficult to attain. I will explain my abstract photography methods later, but suffice to say that I look for patterns that trigger some sense of prime-evil satisfaction in myself and then lay these images out for others to view without explanation.

Experimental Photography is essentially the practice of extending ones photographic skills, beyond the basic level, through self expression and experimentation. Most people just want to take a balanced, colourful and sharp picture. They are happy to use their camera's to make records of their family milestones, holidays and personal achievements. The experimental photographer has developed a deeper, more intense relationship with the medium of photography. Very much as a painter strives for better understanding of their paint, canvas, brushes and subject, the experimental photographer desires an almost marital companionship of their camera's, lenses, films and images.

Approximately 10 inch wide images
To create something as beautiful as poetry, as personal as sculpture and moving and confrontational as dramatic dance or comedy. The experimental photographer will dismiss all of their previous tuition and mentally ignore any external influences in order to produce a body of work that is truly reflective of the photographers inner artist.

A great deal of abstract imagery is created by chance. The abstract artist creates the environment from where the image, if conditions are favourable, will emerge and may be then captured on film.

An abstract image is a passionate, individual and prime evil creature, God given and so pure that only the viewer who is able to totally open his mind to the image can fully appreciate its deeper qualities ...

Becoming an abstract photographer is a little strange at first. Learning to forget everything that you have ever learned about photographic theory and practice. Many people find it completely impossible to grasp the idea of photographing totally non-representational images. They have been conditioned to believe that the photograph is a data recorder and therefore they assume, rightly or wrongly, that the camera is the rightful tool of the photographic journalist, the landscape or portrait pictorialist or just the play thing of the casual holiday maker. This, of course, need not be the case. It only takes a little bit of imagination to transform your camera equipment into the tools needed to create beautiful abstract photographs.

To think abstractly one must first lose the urge to represent the world as pictures. The ego should have as little to do with abstract art creation as is humanly possible. The best abstract art is that which is totally automatic and removed from the trappings of existence. It is preferable for the abstract photographer to be more a part of the photographic process, leaving the image as pure and un-humanised as it can be.

My particular method utilises handmade lenses, microscopes, telescopes, inks, paints and water to create an environment for images to present themselves to me. As with the ancient soothsaying techniques of scrying I stir and mix my watery media until it is sufficiently out of my conscious control and then look closely into this abyss for signs that I might interpret. The beauty of this system of photographic creativity is the way that I become no more than an eye and a shutter release mechanism. I see, it means something to me, so I click my shutter. My camera is my memory, presenting me with images that I can later interpret with a heart that is only seeking religious clarity.

I'm sure that this all sounds like twaddle to you the reader. You probably visited my site to pick up a few techniques in abstract photography and you find yourself confronted by a religious nut, spouting about how his photography has reached parts that other artistic processes have failed to reach. All I would ask is for you to question your reasons for choosing abstract art as your direction. If you just want any easy pass through art college, that's fine. If you are bored and need a 'nothing to taxing' hobby, fine too. But I'm here to tell you that abstract art is the gateway to the Self and all it takes is a camera, some film and an open heart to get closer to those universal forces that we have become so distant from.

For Love, For Victory and For the Grace of God ...

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Please let me thank you for taking the time to visit my website and consider me amongst so many other talented photographers out there. I hope that you will appreciate my individual qualities and enjoy collecting my Abstract Photographic Artwork.


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Colin Hall, Abstract Photographer presents his Experimental Abstract Photography. Colin Hall is a Innovative Abstract Photographer, based in Norfolk UK. He can produce beautiful abstract photography for enthusiasts all over the world. 

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