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Samples of the abstract art of Colin Hall
Welcome Everyone ! The world of abstract photography is wide and varied, sensual and passionate and looks deeper into the human soul that any other art form.
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Visual Tour:

I have included a few of my best abstract pictures that I think helps to illustrate my work. I use an arduous technique of seek and find photography. My pictures are there for the finding, they generally are never seen or appreciated and the processes I use are so time consuming that I can't think of anyone that might want to spend the time looking for them. I hope, however, that my pictures show that it is worth the effort and that beauty does exist within all levels of existence.

Sensual Abstract Art

Mysterious Abstract Art

Abstract Landscapes

Abstract Characterisation

Humourous Abstract Art Works

Living Abstract Art

Abstract Spirit

Desperate Art

Interest Abstract Techniques

Prime evil imagery

Space and Time

Abstract Animals

More Abstract Animals

Spiritual Abstract Art

The Best Abstract Images by Colin Hall